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in Mental Health Crisis Day

National Helping Families

We are not a Washington association. We are individual families who have
loved ones with serious mental illness, and we live with these issues everyday.

Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!



Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


People with untreated serious mental illness account for a disproportionate share of suicides, homelessness, violence, and incarceration. Providing treatment for the seriously mentally ill would significantly reduce these tragedies.

                                           –Statistics quoted from MentalIllnessPolicy.org

Mental illness claims
Maine tennis pro’s life

Mentally ill Chino man who stabbed parents will be sent to hospital, not prison

After police kill St. Paul man, brother says they 'were supposed to help'

Arrested for allegedly stealing
$5 of food, mentally ill Virginia man dies in jail

Zac Pogliano, who struggled with schizophrenia, dies unexpectedly

A Brother’s Reflection on the Struggle of the Mentally Ill,
in the wake of a great tragedy.

Death of a Regular

Phoenix beheading shows change needed for mentally ill criminals

Woman speaks out about attack with cane, treatment grandson needs

Phoenix police believe '07 murders linked

Family pleads for awareness about
mental health after shooting

Family devastated by son's suicide in Farmington jail

A lack of mental health care services has created a crisis for millions of families struggling to save their loved ones. Many people with mental illness end up in jails and prisons, which are not equipped for their medical needs.… Read more

Mental Illness Haunts and Kills Countless Americans

There are 3.5 million people in the US with schizophrenia alone, a fate often worse than death. My son, Caleb, was diagnosed three years ago, at the age of 19. His adult life has been spent inside a living hell–literally..… Read more

Man ruled insane in Berkeley killing that exposed system failures

A mentally ill man who killed a stranger with a flower pot in the Berkeley hills after cycling in and out of psychiatric care for years was committed to a state mental hospital Friday for 33 years to life after he was deemed insane — and after the victim’s family blasted a chain of events that ended when a “ticking time bomb” exploded..… Read more

Erie woman advocates mental health reform in D.C.

 Kathy Bruno's adult son Eric Bruno needed stitches or an antibiotic, help would be in reach.

But her son's affliction is schizophrenia. And Kathy Bruno said laws, some of which are meant to protect her son, his rights and his privacy, have made it near impossible to sustain the care he needs to heal his mind..… Read more

Stabbing death of East Bay child underscores roadblocks for mentally ill patients

Teresa Pasquini doesn't recall how many times she dialed 911 during her son's teenage years, imploring emergency crews to come to their El Sobrante home, because Danny was out of control. She doesn't forget the terror. … Read more

More Than Half of Those Killed by San Francisco Police Are Mentally Ill

Often it starts with a call for help. A family member, a caretaker or even a stranger dials 911 seeking paramedics to treat someone in a psychiatric crisis. But when there’s a threat of violence, the first responders are usually police, and what started as a call for help can quickly turn deadly for a person with a treatable illness.

That’s what happened when Christine Goias called 911 seeking help for her son, 34-year-old Errol Chang, who was in the midst of a schizophrenic breakdown at his father’s Pacifica home in March. … Read more

A Death in the Family: Aided by advocates for the mentally ill, William Bruce left the hospital -- only to kill his mother

On June 20, 2006, William Bruce approached his mother as she worked at her desk at home and struck killing blows to her head with a hatchet. … Read more

Mental health merry-go-round ends with Jacksonville mother killed, son arrested

Sean Harriford started hearing voices and seeing things 15 years ago. Sean moved back and forth from the Duval County jail to mental-health facilities to the streets for more thana decade. … Read more

Mentally ill woman charged with murder for
killing her 66-year-old mom in Hayward

HAYWARD -- A mentally ill woman was charged with murder on Wednesday in the beating and stabbing of her 66-year-old mother to death, authorities say. … Read more

Troubled Teens: Father recalls son's
struggle with mental illness

Parents dealing with a mentally ill child know how difficult it can be.  Some, though, believe the system that's supposed to help them is failing.

Matthew and Michael Milam were brothers and best friends. Pat Milam, their father, loved his boys but as they began to get older, life wasn't so easy.. … Read more

Chelsea Thornton's slaying of children
points to need for mental health care

After Chelsea Thornton, a woman with a history of mental instability, shot her 3-year-old son in the head and drowned her 4-year-old daughter in a bathtub Wednesday, the local mental health community was left searching for answers as to whether, and how, such a tragedy could have been prevented.. … Read more

Mental health epidemic can turn sufferers into something else

One year ago, a young man claiming he heard voices stabbed and killed his grandmother with a butcher knife. Channel 4 Action News anchor Wendy Bell digs deeper into the mental health epidemic that can turn sufferers into murderers and their families into collateral damage.… See news video

Kalamazoo man hospitalized after stabbing
at bus/train station

A 36-year-old Kalamazoo man was taken to an area hospital Thursday evening after being stabbed multiple times outside of the Kalamazoo Transportation Center, police said.… Read more

Mentally Ill, but Insanity Plea Is Long Shot

Slouched over in the striped gray shirt that he has worn for much of his murder trial, his piercing stare disconcertingly fixed at the courtroom walls at times, David Tarloff can appear like one of the few killers whose claim to an insanity defense might be deserved.… Read more

Video shows Dallas police shooting mentally ill man

DALLAS — Graphic body-camera video of the June 2014 Dallas police shooting of a mentally-ill man armed with a screwdriver was released Monday.… Read more

Left to languish: The abandonment of Paul Muskeni

Left to languish by Amy Yannello: Part One in a continuing series of articles featuring Paul Muskeni, a mentally ill defendant who was purportedly receiving assistance under California’s ambitious Mental Health Services Act. But if the more than $1,000 per month that his mental health provider received for his benefit was truly going for his care, why did Muskeni end up living in a “roach motel” and ultimately, a jail cell, rather than supportive housing? And why does he still actively hear and speak to voices?

At least part of the reason can be traced to Dr. E. Fuller Torrey’s new research, which shows that in California alone, about $1 of every $5 raised by the $1 billion per year tax on millionaires intended to be dedicated to serious mental illness is instead spent on things like line-dancing, yoga, therapeutic drumming, and community gardens. Some is even diverted to government employee perks, research shows. (Photo credit: Maggie Rose McGurk)…. Read more

State senator urges changes to mental health system

Last September, then-19-year-old Matthew Hoff walked into a Bank of America branch in Buena Park, Calif., and demanded a $1,000 from a teller through a threat-laden sticky note. His plan quickly unraveled. Apprehended by police soon after, Hoff is now looking at a prison term of at least 11 years, possibly more..…. Read more

Tragedies of Those with Serious Mental Illness That Could Have Been Prevented

New Autopsy of Prisoner Fails to Resolve Mystery

A new autopsy report has added to the mystery surrounding the possible beating of an Alabama inmate who died shortly after being imprisoned for killing two police officers..…. Read more

Murder charges for N.M. cops in homeless man shooting

People with mental illness left homeless, helpless

Mentally ill father dies months after plea for better treatment

Watching Tony Die

Mother says man accused in Raleigh killing suffers from mental illness

Maryland woman found pushing dead 3-year-old son in swing indicted

Parents: Mentally Ill Son
In Solitary Confinement

A Mother’s Nightmare

Schizophrenic Patient's Death Sparks Police Training Program

Dog Burned by Seriously Mentally Ill Woman Who Fell Through the Cracks

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How one of the nation’s most promising basketball players became homeless

Support The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR2646.

Find out what else you can do on our Take Action page

Support The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR2646.

Find out what else you can do on our Take Action page

Support The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR2646.

Find out what else you can do on our Take Action page

Accused killer says messages hidden in songs and the newspaper told him to gun down prominent Kentucky defense attorney

A Kentucky man accused of killing a prominent area lawyer told police that hidden messages he received from music and newspapers made him do it, court testimony revealed Wednesday…. Read more

Wisconsin Man Charged With Beheading Mother With Sword

A Wisconsin man prosecutors say is severely mentally ill was charged Monday in the death of his mother, who was beheaded with a sword.…. Read more

Support The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR2646.

Find out what else you can do on our Take Action page

More stories to come…the tragedies are endless

PLEASE SUPPORT HR 2646,  The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, TODAY!!!

Indiana girl accused in “Creepypasta” stabbing case; how it’s different from the “Slenderman” case

Indiana girl accused in "Creepypast" stabbing case; how it's different from the Slenderman caseELKHART COUNTY, Indiana/WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wisconsin -- A case out of Indiana has some similarities with a high-profile case out of Waukesha County. A 12-year-old girl heard voices -- and stabbed another person. FOX6 News spoke with the mother of Morgan Geyser about this similar case. Geyser and another young girl, Anissa Weier are accused of trying to kill a classmate when they were 12 years old -- to appease the fictional horror character Slenderman. But there are distinct differences between the case out of Wisconsin, and the case out of Indiana. Read more

Homeless in Sacramento:
A death on the streets


Skid Row Cop: Downtown Is in a Mental Health State of Emergency

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - When it comes to policing Skid Row, it seems as if my fellow officers and I are keeping our fingers in the cracks of a dam to prevent it from breaking. Though many people may not realize it, we are in the throes of a mental health state of emergency. READ MORE