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in Mental Health Crisis Day

National Helping Families

We are not a Washington association. We are individual families who have
loved ones with serious mental illness, and we live with these issues everyday.


Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


Public Reality Radio WPRR - November 3, 2015, The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act

WEST MICHIGAN — Darren, Joe and April are joined in the 11:00 hour by Wayne Hilton, a parent of a child diagnosed with pediatric schizophrenia, and Dr. Robert Powitzky, Ph.D., Retired Clinical/Forensic Psychologist, Chief Mental Health Officer, Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  Dr. Powitzky and Mr. Hilton talk about House Resolution 2646, which would provide sweeping reforms in how mental health concerns are treated in the US. Scroll to the 54:00 mark.  LISTEN NOW

Support The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR2646.

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